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2000 – Rise Underground

March 3, 2000

Gabrielle’s ‘Rise Underground’ – a UK garage version of the million selling ‘Rise’ album mixed by DJ Goodfella – is out now. The idea for the album came after the first two singles, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Rise’, were remixed by Wookie and Artful Dodger respectively. As UK garage worked so well with Gabrielle’s anti-diva vocals other remixers/producers started calling wanting to work with her – Stanton Warriors, Zed Bias and M-Dubs to name a few. After shifting more than 10,000 copies on vinyl last year, the CD was compiled due to overwhelming demand. –


1. Sunshine (Wookie dub mix)

2. Rise (Artful Dodger above board mix)
3. When A Woman (Restless Natives groove mix)
4. 5 O’clock (Sunship vocal mix)
5. Should I Stay (K Warren dub mix)
6. Over You (Zed Bias vocal mix)
7. Independence Day (Ed Case & Carl H dub mix)
8. Independence Day (Ed Case & Carl H remix)
9. When A Woman (Restless Natives dub mix)
10. If You Love Me (Bump ‘n’ flex dub mix)
11. Gonna Get Better (DEA vocal mix)
12. Over You (Zed Bias dub mix)
13. If You Love Me (Bump ‘n’ Flex vocal mix)
14. Tell Me What You Dream (MDubs vocal mix)
15. Sunshine (Wookie main mix)
16. 5 O’clock (Architechs mix)
17. Falling (Stanton Warriors mix)
18. Gonna Get Better (DEA dub mix)
Released: 2000