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The Chicken Shed Album

November 24, 2003


1. Watch Me Come Alive – Cliff Richard
2. As Far As The Eye Can See – Gabrielle
3. I Am In Love With The World – Chicken Shed
4. Sometimes – Emma Bunton
5. The Wedding Dance – Dmitry Sitkovetsky
6. Can I Love Him? – Sam Brown
7. Bits and Pieces – Bob Hoskins
8. Trail My Soul – Chicken Shed
9. Looking For Love – Richard O’Brien
10. Will It Happen To Me? – Barbara Dickson
11. Elijah – Kenneth Branagh
12. First Love – Chicken Shed
13. Mad Little Sad Boy – Kenneth Branagh
14. Still Waters – Misty Oldland
15. We Need Each Other – Elaine Paige
16. Dream A We Real Yew – Kenneth Branagh

Released: November 24th 2003


2004 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Chicken Shed Theatre Company. An amazing array of musical and theatrical talent has lent its support to help commemorate this significant milestone. The company work on the basis that the performing arts should be available to everyone – any young person who wants to perform has the ability and the right to do so.
The Chicken Shed Album features songs written by Chicken Shed over the last three decades. Elaine Paige, who was instrumental in the creation of the album, sings We Need Each Other written by Chicken Shed’s resident writer Paula Rees, Sir Cliff Richard sings Watch Me Come Alive and ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton performs Sometimes.