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Lewis Hamilton tweet

November 29, 2010

Lewis Hamilton tweets about when he me Gabrielle in Abu Dhabi.

The tweet reads:

 Lewis Hamilton 

Wass up everyone. Bit of a back track but here’s me meeting one of the great artists Gabrielle 
And here’s the photo:

Grand Prix Red Carpet Arrival

November 17, 2010
Photo: Naveed Ahmed via 

Gabrielle Concerts

November 17, 2010

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Photo: Gabrielle performs in Yas Hotel

November 14, 2010

Time Out Abu Dhabi Interview

November 13, 2010

Here is an interview from, By David Clack. Originally published: 9th November 2010

Soulful pop stalwart Gabrielle is in the capital this week.

How has the industry changed since you were topping the charts in the early ’90s?
Oh my God! I think it’s barely recognisable now. It’s downloads and iTunes and stuff like that, whereas in my day it was all records and CDs. I know we all have to move on and I’ve had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this whole thing, but it’s cool!

Has the way you make music changed?
No, I still make music the same way, but you have to think about how you promote it now. It used to be just TV; now you’re doing podcasts and people say you’ve got to get on Twitter if you want to let people know about stuff. And I’m like, ‘Me? Twit? I am not a Twit!’ It’s just not my bag. But it’s something I now apparently have to do, so I’ll go with the flow. It probably won’t be me; I’ll have a Twitter ghost writer. I’m a mum! There’s not enough hours in the day for me. You can tell I’m a biddy now, can’t you?

Any plans to collaborate with any of today’s chart-toppers?
Honey, I think they’ve got a world of artists they’d go to before they’d consider me! I’m just doing my own thing and just being excited by what’s happening out there. So collaborating is probably not for me right now.

What’s the latest news on your new album?
I’m currently writing material for it. But I can’t see it happening before the end of next year. I take a long time, I know. But it’ll be a journey and I’m really excited about it.

Are you an F1 fan?
Yeah, and I’m a big fan of Lewis Hamilton. I bought his book and by the time I’d finished it I felt like a proud parent. It’s amazing how he came to be and rose through the ranks. That’s talent for you.

Are you more excited by the race than seeing the other artists perform?
I’m staying a couple of extra days because I want to see Prince, Corinne Bailey Rae and the Sugababes. I’m excited about the racing, but I can’t wait to check out the other bands. Prince is old school and I completely adore him. And I’m watching Kanye West – he’s playing the same day I am, so it’s going to be heaven for me. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m really looking forward to it and Abu Dhabi’s the perfect setting for it all.

Where does the Ivor Novello award that you won in 2008 rank among your career achievements?
I think they’re all equally important. The idea that someone’s taken time out to consider me for an award is an amazing feeling. But the Ivors are very prestigious, so I was very excited about that for a long time. It was the guy who signed me all those years ago who went up and made a little speech before I collected it, so I had a tear in my eye.

Have you ever heard any weird interpretations of your lyrics? 

We’re sure you’re singing ‘Valerie’ in your song, ‘Out of Reach’…
Yes, somebody came up to me once and asked ‘what exactly is it that you’re singing? ‘Dreams can come true, dah dah duh duh dah duh duh duh.’ I can’t remember exactly what they thought it was, but it was hilarious. I think they were quite disappointed when I told them the correct lyrics. Somebody should make a collection of songs with alternative lyrics so you can have a laugh, like a karaoke version.

Gabrielle plays an intimate acoustic set at Longitude Bar, Yas Hotel at 11pm on November 12. Tickets are available from

"Gabrielle to bring old favourites to UAE" – Interview

November 10, 2010

Originally published: By Kelly Crane, November 10, 2010

In 1999, a song called Sunshine brought a few rays of much-needed happiness into Louise Gabrielle Bobb’s life. More than 10 years later, the Brit soul diva better known as Gabrielle says her two children are now all the sunshine she needs.
“Sunshine was a tribute to my son for being my whole reason for living after many testing years,” she said with real strength in her voice. “Now my little girl and boy are my sunshine every day. They make everything okay.”

Despite a traumatic past, Gabrielle is the girl next door. Well, a girl next door who also happens to be one of Britain’s most successful solo female artists. Life hasn’t been a breeze for the South London schoolgirl who was teased and picked on because of a lazy eye.
“Early on, there was a story I wore a patch because I didn’t have an eye. Some people still believe it. The reality is I’ve just got a lazy eyelid. I’m sure there have been worse stories, but I get shielded from them in case I slit my wrists,” she said with a confidence showing her past is well and truly behind her.
Rumours about her eye were the least of her worries. By the time her debut single, Dreams, hit the top of the charts in 1993, she and Tony Antoniou were an item. He is the father of her child and was her long-time partner.

He was also arrested for the murder of his stepfather. Life turned into a nightmare for the singer and she was hauled in by the police for questioning.
‘Take on anything’
“I’ve had my fair share of problems, but my children have always kept me strong. They are my cushion. They make me believe I can take on anything.”

In 1996, Gabrielle was cleared of any involvement, but Antoniou confessed and was convicted of murder.
Dreams put the young woman with the kiss curl and eye-patch at the top of the charts and in the record books for the highest entry for a female artist.

Since then, the only way was up. Out Of Reach shot to the top of the charts and was also featured on the soundtrack of the blockbuster Bridget Jones’s Diary.
“It’s been a while, but I’m writing new material now,” she said. “I just haven’t had much time with the kids. My son has a better social life than me. He plays football, loves music and dance. He’s a little breath of fresh air. My daughter loves to sing and she goes to acting classes. She’s a little drama queen already just like her mum,” she says with a giggle.

Avid X Factor fans, Gabrielle has joined the thousands in the Wagner supporters’ club. “My little girl and I follow the show. She loves One Direction surprise, surprise. I love Rebecca Ferguson and Mary they have such stage presence.
“But I think it’s unfair that Wagner is ridiculed. The judges put him through in the first place. At least he’s entertaining.”

"Still Singing Her Song" – The National Interview

November 10, 2010

R&B artist Gabrielle is still singing her song, by Oliver Good
Originally published: Nov 10, 2010 @

Deciding how to address performers with single-word stage names can be a dangerous business. Uttering something like “Mr Sting” is guaranteed to get the interview off to an awkward start, while calling Morrissey by his first name, Stephen, would probably bring it to an immediate end.

[Read the full interview]

With Gabrielle – real name Louisa Gabrielle Bobb – the British R&B artist behind the huge singles Dreams and Rise, I thought it best to begin by asking what the singer likes to be called.

“I’ve got so many names, I don’t know where to start!” laughs the London-born star, 40, who will perform at the Yas Hotel during the F1 weekend. “I’m Gabs, Gabby or Lou.”

As we settle on “Gabs”, it quickly becomes clear that the “diva attitude” often expected of R&B artists, has escaped the singer. And it’s a good thing too; her 17-year career has had as many ups as it has had downs.

Gabrielle’s debut single, 1993’s Dreams, was an international chart hit thanks to her warm, soulful voice and the song’s perfectly honed pop production. After taking the number one spot in the UK, the track helped earn the singer her first Brit Award and kicked off a recording career that would see her shift millions of albums.

“I just liked to make songs that people would remember and have fun singing,” she says.

But not long after her initial success, the star’s personal life was splashed across British tabloids when the father of her newborn son was convicted of a shocking murder. Gabrielle has also had to contend with a ptosis (the drooping of one eyelid), which she has concealed by wearing sunglasses, a heavy fringe, or even an eye-patch throughout her career.

Seven years after the release of Dreams, she scored her second UK number one with the tearjerking ballad, Rise. The singer received rare permission from Bob Dylan to use a sample of his classic, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, on the track – helping her to sell millions more albums.

“When we got his permission everybody was so surprised because he doesn’t often do that,” she says. “I saw it as a real honour.”

Although continuing to release albums over the past decade, the star has achieved only modest commercial success, but Gabrielle sounds like she couldn’t be happier.

“You do go through periods when there’s a lull and you don’t have a hit for a long time, but that just goes with the times,” she admits. “I’m a mum of two and I can dip in and out of the musical thing when I feel like it.”

Gabrielle is currently writing material for the follow-up to her 2007 album Always, which she plans to release late next year.

“I love music, but I’ve never had someone telling me I need to bring out a new album every year; I wouldn’t be happy doing that, I don’t think I’d be capable,” she says.

Despite no longer being a major chart contender, Gabrielle has never disappeared from the public consciousness. Perhaps that’s due to her memorable image.

“When I did my first interview I decided not to wear glasses because that would make me look like someone who’s full of herself,” she says. So I wore an eye-patch to get good eye contact with the interviewer.

“People pretty much knew after that it wasn’t a gimmick but it worked for me and I’m still proud of it.”

The star is currently sporting a fringe that covers her eye, but in the age of Rhianna, with asymmetric hairstyles all the rage – “so many people are doing that style at the moment … they don’t necessarily realise I’m Gabrielle.”

"We dream of Gabrielle" – AbuDhabiWeek Interview

November 8, 2010

Originally published: Wednesday, 03 November 2010 11:50 @
UK soul artist talks to Abu Dhabi Week ahead of her F1 weekend gig.

Two weeks ago we confirmed Gabrielle as one of the acts performing a series of intimate, late-night gigs at The Yas Hotel’s Longitude Bar following the Formula 1.
This week we caught up with the London-born soul sensation for a quick chat, to find out what fans can expect from her performance on Friday 12th November.

[Read the full interview]

Gabrielle is actually your middle name?
I wanted to use a name that was mine, rather than manufacturing something. I started singing in clubs and used my first name, Louisa, and my middle name, Gabrielle, and it just stuck.

How did a girl a girl from Hackney get started in the music business?
I was singing in nightclubs, and actually did Dreams originally as a demo. One of the producers took it out and bootlegged it, and that’s when my record company first heard of me. They wanted to sign me, and the rest just happened so quickly.

How did you feel when Dreams came in straight at #2 in the UK Top 40?
The way it all happened was so unexpected. The fact that it went in at number two, and made it to number one, it was like all of my dreams came true at once. I never thought I would be that successful.

Two Brit Awards and several albums later, you were on the receiving end of some fairly negative publicity?
I think everyone in the public eye will be on the receiving end of negative press at one point or another, unless they’re a nun!

What advice would you give to young musicians entering the music business?
It’s got to be something you want to do. I think the attention people get these days is more intense than when I started out.

You have to have faith in what you do, and enjoy it; that’s the most important thing.

You’re working on your sixth album?
I’m hoping it’s going to be finished by the end of next year. It may seem like a long way off, but I combine working in the studio with being a full-time mum so I have my hands full.

The new album is going to be a mix of classic Gabrielle tunes, but there’ll also be a few modern tracks thrown in. I say this because my children are always telling me: ‘Mum, have something you can dance to’ or ‘Mum, have one where you don’t sing about men’. It’s quite funny!

Will you be performing any of your new material in Abu Dhabi?
No, I’m not adventurous enough to be trying anything new until everything has the seal of approval for the album.
It will be an intimate set in Abu Dhabi, where I’ll play to around 300 people. There’ll be a lot of classic Gabrielle songs there, so I want people there to be focused on having fun and singing along! I want to hear voices back at me!

I look forward to being there on 12th, and I’d like to say to everyone, come on down, check me out, and enjoy listening to the band.

What are your impressions of the UAE?
When I first visited Dubai a few years ago it was so hot! But the weather was great, the food was amazing and the people were lovely, so I’m looking forward to more of the same in Abu Dhabi.

If you could perform with anyone dead or alive, or would it be, and why?
I would say Marvin Gaye. He had the most wonderful voice.

In Concert : An Intimate Evening with Gabrielle

November 8, 2010

An Intimate Evening with Gabrielle @ F1 Grand Prix afterparty, Abu Dhabi.
Date of event: NOVEMBER 12TH 2010
Venue name: YAS HOTEL
(800 ADE)

Event Info:
Gabrielle, multi-platinum selling, BRIT Award winner from London. Best known for her hit singles; “Dreams”, “Rise” and “Out of Reach”, which propelled her to fame in the early nineties, Gabrielle has continued producing great music and is working on her 6th studio album.

Part of three nights of an “Intimate Evening With…” the set will take place at the newly refurbished Longitude Bar at The Yas Hotel on Yas Island, after each days’ action on the Yas Marina Circuit.

With a small capacity, guests will be only metres from the performers, offering an intimate experience Flash claims.

Pre – Abu Dhabi Interview

November 8, 2010