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1993 – Find Your Way

November 2, 1993

1. Going Nowhere
2. Who Could Love You More
3. Find Your Way
4. I Wanna Know
5. Dreams
6. I Wish
7. We Don’t Talk
8. Second Chance
9. Say What You Gotta Say
10. Because of You
11. Get Inside Your Head

Released: November 2nd 1993


Track listing:
1. Dreams (7″ version)
2. Dreams (The Developed Arrested mix)
3. Dreams (Our Tribe House mix)
4. Dreams (Dignity mix)
5. Dreams (Easy mix)
6. Dreams (Laws House)
7. Dreams (The Red Underground mix)

Released: June 1st 1993
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Going Nowhere
Track listing:
1. Going Nowhere (7″ mix)
2. Going Nowhere (In the Post (Again) mix)
3. Going Nowhere (Assault on Battery mix)
4. Going Nowhere (Law’s House mix)
5. Going Nowhere (Portishead mix)
6. Going Nowhere (Red Underground (Again) mix)

Released: September 17th 1993
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I Wish
Track listing:
1. I Wish (7″ mix)
2. I Wish (KC RnB mix)
3. We Don’t Talk (Cleveland City House mix)
4. We Don’t Talk (Speechless mix)

Released: December 1st 1993
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Because Of You

Single #1 Track listing:
1. Because of You (7″ version)
2. Because of You (Man City Mix)
3. Because of You (Corporation Xpress remix)
4. Because of You (Delta House of Funk vocal)
5. Because of You (Delta Dubwizem mix)
6. Because of You (Wubble U mix)

Released: February 18th 1994
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Single #2 Track listing:

1. Because of You (7″ version)
2. Dreams (live)
3. I Wish (live)
4. Because of You (live)