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Gabrielle to play at the "Festival For Heroes" June 20th

April 25, 2009

Gabrielle makes her first 2009 live appearance this June! She will perform at the Festival For Heroes at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Other artists to perform include Booty Luv, Ultrabeat and Lulu. Tickets cost £39 and are available now via

In relation to the event Gabrielle said: “I am very honoured to have been asked to perform. It is an amazing cause and deserves as much support as possible.”




December 1, 2007

It’s not often you can truthfully say this of a singer, but here it is:
Gabrielle is unique. She’s unique as an artist, with that instantly familiar shimmery voice and those tender-tough lyrics and way of phrasing that makes every song feel deeply intimate. And she’s unique as a “star,” in the sense of having achieved a great deal without becoming an in-your-face, look-at-me “celebrity.”

Gabrielle’s career got off to an incredible start in 1993 when she broke the record for the highest chart debut by a female with the single ‘Dreams’ (it went in at 2, before rising to Number 1). A 23-year-old club singer from Brockley, South London, she was the archetypal outsider: she didn’t possess the sort of belting voice you’d expect of an R&B vocalist, and she was self-conscious about a childhood injury that left her with a drooping eyelid. “There were so many other girls with better voices and a hell of a lot skinnier than me that I thought I had no chance,” she says now. Turning flaws into virtues was the trick. An eyepatch made her visually striking and the voice made her distinctive – and her differences contributed to her becoming Britain’s most successful soul singer. It’s why the likes of musicians like Daft Punk and Talvin Singh have chosen to remix her work.

Despite taking a few years off in between albums, Gabrielle incredibly returns to greater success. In an industry where longevity is becoming increasingly rare, the hits have been unstoppable: ‘Give Me A Little More Time’, ‘If You Ever’, ‘When A Woman’, ‘Out Of Reach’. And then there are the albums; the triple platinum ‘Gabrielle’ and the quadruple platinum ‘Rise’ and ‘Dreams Can Come True’. It’s no surprise this success has seen Gabrielle pick up a few awards over the years. Brit Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Female Vocalist, MOBOs for Best Single and Best Album and in 2008 she was awarded an Ivor Novello for Best Song Collection.

It’s seventeen years since ‘Dreams,’ a span that has seen Gabrielle outlive dozens of pretenders to her soul-queen throne and it’s time for another Gabrielle Album. Currently recording in the studio and very excited about embarking on a new sound and adventure Gabrielle says ” I can’t wait to get back out there, the last live shows I did were as Al Green’s special guest, it’s time I got back on stage again, it’s what I know and it’s what I love!! ” This will be Gabrielle’s 6th studio album and will be well worth the wait.

1996 – Gabrielle (Album)

May 27, 1996

1. Forget About The World
2. People May Come
3. I Live In Hope
4. Baby I’ve Changed
5. Give Me A Little More Time
6. If You Really Cared
7. There She Goes
8. Our Love Is Over
9. If I Could
10. Alone
11. Have You Ever Wondered
12. So Glad
13. Miracle

14. If You Ever – Gabrielle & East 17
15. Walk On By
16. Give Me A Little M0re Time (Trevor Horn Mix)

Released: May 27th 1996


Give Me a Little More TimeTrack listing:
1. Give Me a Little More Time (edit)
2. Give Me a Little More Time (Buckwild remix) (featuring O.C.)
3. Give Me a Little More Time (Talvin Singh mix)
4. So Glad (Delta 70 classic mix)
Released: June 20th 1996
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Forget About The World
Single #1 Track listing
1. Forget About the World
2. Forget About the World (The Rollo and Sister Bliss mix)
3. Forget About the World (Booker T R&B mix)
4. Forget About the World (Daft Punk ‘Don’t Forget The World’ mix)
5. Forget About the World (Matty’s mix)

Released: December 14th 1996
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Single #2 Track listing:
1. Forget About The World
2. If You Really Cared (acoustic)
3. People May Come (acoustic)
4. Give Me a Little More Time (acoustic)

If You Really Cared
Single #1 Track listing:
1. If You Really Cared (radio edit)
2. Baby I’ve Changed (Ole’ Ruffneck Sound remix)
3. Baby I’ve Changed (Carl McIntosh remix)
4. Baby I’ve Changed (D*Note Remix)
Released: February 22nd 1997
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Single #2 Track listing:
1. If You Really Cared (radio edit)
2. Give Me a Little More Time (Def mix)
3. Give Me a Little More Time (album version)
4. Dreams (original and unreleased version)

If You Ever (with East 17)
Track listing:
1. If You Ever (Smoove 7″ mix)
2. If You Ever (Ruff mix)
3. Deep (live)*
4. Steam (live)*

Released: May 14th 1997
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* tracks 2 and 4 do not contain Gabrielle’s vocals and are East 17 solo tracks.

Walk On By

1. Walk on By
2. Walk on By (45% Novocaine remix)
3. Walk on By (live from TFI Friday)
4, Something to Talk About

Released: August 10th 1997
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All Music Album Review 4/5
Gabrielle’s eponymous second album isn’t all that dissimiliar from her debut Find Your Way. It’s still the same mix of appealingly lightweight pop, urban soul and Eurotrash disco that made the debut a success, and it still has the same ratio of winners to clunkers. So, there’s not much different at all, but that’s not bad, because the singles, including “Give Me a Little More Time,” are fine pop concotions that make Gabrielle a frothy, guilty pleasure.